Journeys (John Arthur as guest)

It was a real pleasure to welcome John Arthur to the group today as guest. John is well-known around Edinburgh for the work he does in the recovery community. People who know John find him to be an inspiring and caring figure who likes to help and stand up for disadvantaged people in society. WithContinue reading “Journeys (John Arthur as guest)”

From Anxiety to Relaxation

Today we started off the group by looking at the ways in which anxiety can affect us. *When you are stressed, adrenaline gets released into your body ready to run away or fight what it thinks is dangerous or threatening.  When we were cave people, this was useful, as we were living in the wild andContinue reading “From Anxiety to Relaxation”

Taking a risk for the better

At today’s group we spent some time seeing how life was for group members. Most group members were going through struggles in their lives.  Being able to talk about these struggles helped them feel better and less alone.  When people are going through hard times in life it can feel really tough to say how youContinue reading “Taking a risk for the better”

Speaking up for those who can’t

At today’s group members looked at people had made a difference in their lives whether it be someone we knew or someone famous.  Group members reflected on these important people from their childhoods.  Leaders of groups like The Boys Brigade, The Scouts, The Brownies and certain teachers at school all played a part in their development,Continue reading “Speaking up for those who can’t”

We Choose Life

We were delighted to have a big group last week and to welcome a new member and to welcome our guest and friend of Choose Life, Geoffrey Baines.  We enjoyed a conversation that was peaceful and positive about one of Geoffrey’s key themes which is discovering that which enegizes you and that which de-energizes you. Continue reading “We Choose Life”

Getting through the darkness

Today was the first group of 2016 so it was interesting to hear how people had got on over the Christmas period.  Group members had mixed experiences over the period which can be common for a lot of people at this time of year.  However, what was encouraging was how members who had positive experiences over this time couldContinue reading “Getting through the darkness”