Reflections from last week’s meeting and looking at “laughter”

Today we had a smaller group than usual due to work commitments and school holidays. We looked at how people feel they have been treated by services when they have been in desperate need of support and the massive impact this can have on the individuals ongoing health issues. The positive thing is that thisContinue reading “Reflections from last week’s meeting and looking at “laughter””

Lots of Positive Energy Flowing Through Group!

Today we had a slightly different type of meeting; where a large chunk of it would be used in preparation for next week’s event/talk. A couple of group members discussed how their trip through to The Scottish Recovery initiative went. As the group had received funding from this organisation to go towards raising awareness ofContinue reading “Lots of Positive Energy Flowing Through Group!”

Group Work

Today was nice little group where people showed a lot of support for one another. One of the most common problems group members can experience in their lives are feelings of loneliness and isolation. That is why it was so encouraging today for people to explain how they are making changes in their lives –Continue reading “Group Work”


Welcome to the online home of the Choose Life Project at Simpson House. We started our work in the Summer of 2012, funded by the national chooselife strategy for suicide prevention. We are here to help anyone who has felt suicidal or who would like support in their recovery, and to provide a space for those whoContinue reading “Welcome!”