Dealing With Unhelpful Beliefs Part II

Sometimes we can get stuck in a belief about something which may not actually be true or accurate and can become quite unhelpful.  For example we might think; ‘I’m no good at anything I always mess everything up’.  If we really believe this it may be when opportunities come along we might not even giveContinue reading “Dealing With Unhelpful Beliefs Part II”

Learning To Be Assertive

  At today’s group we looked at what “being assertive” means for people.  Some said they found it hard to be assertive due to the unknown response they would receive. Low self-esteem and feelings of not feeling worthy enough to be heard can make it seem a scary prospect. If people have grown up toContinue reading “Learning To Be Assertive”

Bowled Over By Creativity

Today we were originally scheduled to visit Queen Street Gardens to spend some time in nature but sadly we had to postpone this due to the Scottish summer weather! Fortunately we had a contingency plan in place if this were to happen! We did another session on art and crafts making balloon bowls. The materialsContinue reading “Bowled Over By Creativity”

How School Affected Me

At the group today we looked back at our experiences of school and the legacy it left behind. We wanted to have a rounded discussion looking at both the good times and the times that were not so good. Below are what people came up with; Bad Experiences Belittled by teachers No support to helpContinue reading “How School Affected Me”


(Made by the group) Today we looked at the concept of growth and what we could do to increase growth as individuals and also as a group. We started by discussing ideas for a promotional video with the aim to help increase the profile of the group while at the same time raising hope forContinue reading “Growth”

Favourite Places

At today’s group we looked at what group members favourite or safe places were.  This exercise was not meant solely for holiday destinations visited, but places that people found comfort in and felt safe.  Groups members talked about how certain places and environments really benefited their health.   People’s favourite places included; Their garden, Arthur SeatContinue reading “Favourite Places”

Accessing Emotion Through Poetry

We were very grateful to have Christine De Luca, the Makar of Edinburgh (The Edinburgh version of the Poet Laureate) with us today.  Christine introduced us to different poems by a variety of poets about life affirming subjects such as hope, peace, escape, growth, humour and love.  We discovered that sometimes we can really connect aContinue reading “Accessing Emotion Through Poetry”