Healthy Eating

We are hearing more and more about the connection between what we eat and how we feel, and a new emerging science on gut microbes being almost a second brain would explain that sometimes the food chemistry that we ingest does indeed influence brain chemistry far more than we had previously realised. Our eating patternsContinue reading “Healthy Eating”

Bowled Over By Creativity

Today we were originally scheduled to visit Queen Street Gardens to spend some time in nature but sadly we had to postpone this due to the Scottish summer weather! Fortunately we had a contingency plan in place if this were to happen! We did another session on art and crafts making balloon bowls. The materialsContinue reading “Bowled Over By Creativity”


(Made by the group) Today we looked at the concept of growth and what we could do to increase growth as individuals and also as a group. We started by discussing ideas for a promotional video with the aim to help increase the profile of the group while at the same time raising hope forContinue reading “Growth”


In this week’s group we explored how people used food and any connections they could make between what or how they eat and their health or mood.  It transpired that some people have a love of sugary sweet things and do use these type of foods for quick energy or a rush.  It also emergedContinue reading “Nutrition”