New group programme/referral process

If you are interested in attending the group please contact us and we will put you on the waiting list with the hope being that you will not have to wait too long.

Having fun increases our well-being

While preparing for our group programme in advance we are always mindful of the need to make sure it is finely balanced between light topics and others that are a bit heavier. After having a few deeper sessions it felt nice to mix it up today having a session on fun!  It’s something that isContinue reading “Having fun increases our well-being”

Words Of Encouragement

We did an exercise in the group last week which we have not done for a while whereby each group member will write down positive qualities and skills that they see in each of the others. This is an exercise that from the outset requires trust amongst the group that the relationships are connected enoughContinue reading “Words Of Encouragement”

How to get out of being stuck

  Today’s group looked at feelings of being stuck.  Sadly, feeling stuck is quite a common theme for people. People may want to make a move from their current situation but feel that something holds them back from achieving this. Fear can play a big part in holding people back. Those who are frustrated withContinue reading “How to get out of being stuck”

Bowled Over By Creativity

Today we were originally scheduled to visit Queen Street Gardens to spend some time in nature but sadly we had to postpone this due to the Scottish summer weather! Fortunately we had a contingency plan in place if this were to happen! We did another session on art and crafts making balloon bowls. The materialsContinue reading “Bowled Over By Creativity”


It was nice to welcome a few group members back who had not been for a while due to being overseas. We continue to do our “Happy notice board” exercise every week.  It is really encouraging to hear how much this helps people.  If people can put something positive that has happened to them onContinue reading “Stigma”