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Lots of Positive Energy Flowing Through Group!

Great idea

Today we had a slightly different type of meeting; where a large chunk of it would be used in preparation for next week’s event/talk.

A couple of group members discussed how their trip through to The Scottish Recovery initiative went. As the group had received funding from this organisation to go towards raising awareness of what we do, we were asked to go through for a training event which would lead to preparation to do a talk on what our group does in the caves in Edinburgh on March 6th. Group members found this to be a very inspiring day, finding out what other groups have done with the funding they received. There were so many different groups; art, music, drama, furniture making, to name just a few! It was so humbling to be in such company and to explain all about our different groups, networking and working together in the recovery community.

We looked at ideas for the event at Charis House (CrossReach) to raise awareness of the group and to set out what we would like to achieve in the future, to reach out to people who feel a sense of despair with their life. While doing a brain storm on the event preparation, it was truly amazing to see the passion and positive energy that came through in order to help others.

Please note – due to the event at Charis House on Thurs 13th February all group members will meet and depart from Simpson House at 10.30.

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It was really positive group today, we welcomed a new member who was made to feel very welcome. Geoffrey Baines was back for his final part of his strengths quest training. It was so heartening to see group members supporting each other while going through difficult times. The support shown gives people more hope and understanding. With Geoffrey we looked at how we can cope and how to build resilience if we had previously been the victims of Mental/Physical abuse. A way that could help is to look at all the good things about yourself, the things you enjoy and have achieved (i know it’s not easy to do this sometimes!) and to build this self belief up in a way that you have a stronger understanding of yourself and are able to be less affected to situations that may occur that you have no control over. Remember, nobody is perfect, but because somebody says something about us we do not like or you have done something you did not like, it does not define you as a person, there are many facets to your personality. The group would like to once again than Geoffrey for the inspiring work he has done in the group.

Finally, we would like to announce, we have the new leaflets!