Challenging your thoughts

At today’s group we looked at our thought processes and how we can believe what our thoughts are even though they are not factually accurate.  When we have unhelpful thoughts it can lead us into feelings of; paranoia, anxiety, self-criticism, fear, helplessness and worthlessness. Believing that something or someone can only be good or bad,Continue reading “Challenging your thoughts”

The discipline of relaxation. And kittens.

I think we realised today that relaxing takes a conscious effort, you would think it might just happen naturally, but often we are so busy either physically or in our own thoughts that it actually takes a concerted effort to stop and breath! Some of us came to the group today feeling so busy withContinue reading “The discipline of relaxation. And kittens.”

Can we find hope to live?

Today in the group we revisited an exercise we had previously done in the group some time ago.  The exercise looked at the pros and cons of taking my life.  It looks into someone’s beliefs around this and breaks them down into two categories, the pros and cons. Taking my own life Pros    Continue reading “Can we find hope to live?”

Movie Therapy

Today at the group we looked at what movies were meaningful for them at different stages of their lives.  This session was very similar to the group we did on music but now focussing on movies.  Very much like music, movies can carry us on a nostalgic journey of what was going on for us around theContinue reading “Movie Therapy”

A life of meaning

The group had requested a session on what is meaningful, or helpful.  ‘Meaningful’ can mean a number of different things, it maybe physical or metaphorical, a person a place or an event which changed your life, attitudes or beliefs.  During our discussion we covered a number of topics which have significance for people.  For some,Continue reading “A life of meaning”

Worrying about the day you’ll never see

In last weeks group we explored some people’s fears and worries and came to realise that we can worry so much about something happening, or losing something, that we are unable to enjoy life and what we have because every peaceful enjoyable moment is robbed by worry.  Sometimes what we fear the most is fearContinue reading “Worrying about the day you’ll never see”

Getting through the darkness

Today was the first group of 2016 so it was interesting to hear how people had got on over the Christmas period.  Group members had mixed experiences over the period which can be common for a lot of people at this time of year.  However, what was encouraging was how members who had positive experiences over this time couldContinue reading “Getting through the darkness”