How we respond to change

We looked in our last group at how we deal with change, the general knee jerk reaction is that we don’t like it and it tends to bring a great deal of fear.  However we broke down some of how we process change and it began to look less scary.  We thought about how muchContinue reading “How we respond to change”

How children’s T.V shows saved me

At today’s group we looked at some of the T.V programmes we watched and loved as kids. What was evident from the discussion was how children’s T.V programmes had provided an escapism from difficult childhoods and how some people felt that they wouldn’t have survived without them. Some people in the group described how, asContinue reading “How children’s T.V shows saved me”

We Choose Life

We were delighted to have a big group last week and to welcome a new member and to welcome our guest and friend of Choose Life, Geoffrey Baines.  We enjoyed a conversation that was peaceful and positive about one of Geoffrey’s key themes which is discovering that which enegizes you and that which de-energizes you. Continue reading “We Choose Life”

We welcome Jardine Simpson as guest

Today we had a really busy group and it was great to welcome a new member. We discussed how people found last week’s Recovery initiative Fund event. Group members realised how beneficial it was for our group to be represented at this event, through the networking and awareness it raised. A common aim that isContinue reading “We welcome Jardine Simpson as guest”

Staying safe over the Christmas Season

Today we has a really nice size group which included some people who had not been for a while. It was really interesting for people to catch up with how everyone was doing. While doing the “check in” today quite a few people were struggling with issues which were possibly exacerbated with it being soContinue reading “Staying safe over the Christmas Season”