Feeling comfortable in the present

Today we focused on the benefits of using mindfulness. With ever-increasing advances in technology we now have everything at our fingertips and are equipped to get what we want much quicker than we ever have in the past. Life at times can feel like it is moving at 100 M.P.H, that we find it hardContinue reading “Feeling comfortable in the present”

Stages of change

  Today we looked at how people could make positive changes in their lives and ways to do this. This group’s ethos is very much built upon movement and progressing to a place of hope from low points of despair. For some, the very thought of change invokes a fear of the unknown. This canContinue reading “Stages of change”

Life Experiences

Today we did an exercise where group members looked at their life experiences (good and bad) from the past and present leading on to hopes for the future. We broke it down into those three sections. Firstly, we wanted people to see how past events play a part in  were we are in the present. Secondly,Continue reading “Life Experiences”

What Movies/TV Shows mean to us

At today’s group we looked at Movies and TV shows and what they mean to us. The exercise we did was similar to the music one we did a few weeks ago.  We asked members what movies they were watching at different stages in their lives. The stages are; 10 years of age, 15 yearsContinue reading “What Movies/TV Shows mean to us”

Journeys (John Arthur as guest)

It was a real pleasure to welcome John Arthur to the group today as guest. John is well-known around Edinburgh for the work he does in the recovery community. People who know John find him to be an inspiring and caring figure who likes to help and stand up for disadvantaged people in society. WithContinue reading “Journeys (John Arthur as guest)”

From Ridicule to Greatness

There was a positive air in the group today as we considered ignoring the views of the ‘nay sayers’ and listening to those who would encourage and affirm our pursuits, goals and dreams.  If we can recognise and accept that we may fall and fail along the way, and perhaps ultimately discover that a certainContinue reading “From Ridicule to Greatness”

How children’s T.V shows saved me

At today’s group we looked at some of the T.V programmes we watched and loved as kids. What was evident from the discussion was how children’s T.V programmes had provided an escapism from difficult childhoods and how some people felt that they wouldn’t have survived without them. Some people in the group described how, asContinue reading “How children’s T.V shows saved me”

Rebuilding Confidence, Self-Worth and Value

Because we have been broken does not mean that we have lost our value or become, as some may horribly declare, ‘damaged goods’.  In Japan, the ancient art of ‘kintsugi’ where broken vessels are repaired with gold-dust means that the piece “becomes unique and arguably more beautiful”..so says Rachel Kelly, whose book ‘Walking on Sunshine’Continue reading “Rebuilding Confidence, Self-Worth and Value”