Gratitude gives me something to live for

Today at the group we looked at things we were grateful for.  Group members commented on how being able to log things that they are thankful for can increase their sense of wellbeing.  We acknowledge that this is not the easiest thing to do when we feel at our lowest point and as if  livingContinue reading “Gratitude gives me something to live for”

Our Favourite Books

People’s favourite books varied as books were chosen from different stages in life and helped them or resonated with them in different ways.  The snow kitten, about a lost kitten had stood out to a person when they were at primary school because they felt a bit lost too.  Most people had fond memories ofContinue reading “Our Favourite Books”

Working Together To Create A Better Future

  On Thursday 26th May 2016 some group members attended the “A sense of belonging” conference which was held at Heriot Watt University.  It was good to meet up and network with people from the different mental health services in Lothian.  One of the first topics discussed was people’s experiences of going to see their GP regarding theirContinue reading “Working Together To Create A Better Future”

Raising Awareness

  A common thread in previous group discussions was how it was felt that there was not enough information about the group publicised.  Some group members had wished they had known about the group sooner.  With this in mind we decided to use today’s group as a way to see what could be done to promoteContinue reading “Raising Awareness”

Building a supportive community

It was great to welcome a new member along to the group today. We are always happy to have new members in the group, they can bring a fresh outlook on things. A lady who follows our blog emailed us some data from the USA about suicide.  We would like to thank her for this. (This canContinue reading “Building a supportive community”

The group visits the Stafford Centre

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Stafford Centre in Broughton, Edinburgh. It is a resource for adults with mental health issues. The centre opens Mon-Fri 12-4pm. We were really impressed with all the different activities the centre provides. Some of these group activities range from; woodwork, walking, recovery/wellbeing, art and music to nameContinue reading “The group visits the Stafford Centre”

Learning acceptance and not being self-critical

Due to there being a lot of guests and outside group visits lately, we thought it would be good if we used today’s meeting for people to say how things are for them. The positive thing for people attending the group is that they feel safe here and can “drop their mask” and say howContinue reading “Learning acceptance and not being self-critical”

Using our experiences for good

Today was a really thought-provoking and inspiring meeting. A thought process that was discussed and that people could relate to was; “If i take my own life people will be better off without me”. People do not necessarily want to die, they just want a way out of the pain they are in. It wasContinue reading “Using our experiences for good”