Equality in Society

So! We just put it out there today; Equality in society…what does that mean for people?  What were their experiences of being treated equally or unequally? Interestingly the group went straight to gender inequality, especially sexual assult on women, a topic that is currently headlining most days as society is rocked by the prevalence ofContinue reading “Equality in Society”

Stages of change

  Today we looked at how people could make positive changes in their lives and ways to do this. This group’s ethos is very much built upon movement and progressing to a place of hope from low points of despair. For some, the very thought of change invokes a fear of the unknown. This canContinue reading “Stages of change”

The Fear of being loved

Today group members talked of how hard it can be for them to react to comments made by others about them, be that negative or indeed positive.  We also discussed how people may find it easier not to get close to anyone for fear of rejection or of being let down. A lot of these issues have been due toContinue reading “The Fear of being loved”