Our Favourite Books

People’s favourite books varied as books were chosen from different stages in life and helped them or resonated with them in different ways.  The snow kitten, about a lost kitten had stood out to a person when they were at primary school because they felt a bit lost too.  Most people had fond memories ofContinue reading “Our Favourite Books”

Learning acceptance and not being self-critical

Due to there being a lot of guests and outside group visits lately, we thought it would be good if we used today’s meeting for people to say how things are for them. The positive thing for people attending the group is that they feel safe here and can “drop their mask” and say howContinue reading “Learning acceptance and not being self-critical”

Does food affect our mood?

We had a really thought-provoking group today and was nice to welcome back some people who had not been to the group for a while. Some group members were struggling with the dark mornings and getting back into their normal routine after the Christmas break. We discussed how we can respond to people who putContinue reading “Does food affect our mood?”

Staying safe over the Christmas Season

Today we has a really nice size group which included some people who had not been for a while. It was really interesting for people to catch up with how everyone was doing. While doing the “check in” today quite a few people were struggling with issues which were possibly exacerbated with it being soContinue reading “Staying safe over the Christmas Season”

1st Year Celebration Event!

Today was our big event! Part of what the aims of today’s event are to show where the group is, where we were, and where we are going. We started of the event by showing the teaser trailer to give people a brief glimpse of what the group is about before explaining more as theContinue reading “1st Year Celebration Event!”


Welcome to the online home of the Choose Life Project at Simpson House. We started our work in the Summer of 2012, funded by the national chooselife strategy for suicide prevention. We are here to help anyone who has felt suicidal or who would like support in their recovery, and to provide a space for those whoContinue reading “Welcome!”