The Joy Therapets Bring

Inviting a therapet to the group was something we have wanted to do for some time, so it was great to welcome Willow (Therapet) and his owner Barry along to the group.  It was lovely seeing the way Willow interacted with Group members and the smiles she brought to their faces.  If Willow did not thinkContinue reading “The Joy Therapets Bring”

How humour can help with depression

  At today’s group we looked at the ways in which humour can have a positive impact on our mental health.  Members felt that while humour can prove a really useful tool in achieving better mental health they also acknowledged the fact that this or other interests may not make much of a difference ifContinue reading “How humour can help with depression”

A letter to my younger self

At today’s group we wanted to look at how people could show compassion to their younger self.  The idea of this exercise was to, as an adult address a child part that is still hurting and to show compassion and understanding for their younger self in a nurturing way rather than trying to change thingsContinue reading “A letter to my younger self”

Doing something new!

We started the group by watching the video below of J.K. Rowling speaking of a time where she hit rock bottom but what this built for her, so we talked about how we learn some very foundational skills at the bottom because we have to be resourceful, creative, imaginative and courageous to survive.  Being rockContinue reading “Doing something new!”

Taking a risk for the better

At today’s group we spent some time seeing how life was for group members. Most group members were going through struggles in their lives.  Being able to talk about these struggles helped them feel better and less alone.  When people are going through hard times in life it can feel really tough to say how youContinue reading “Taking a risk for the better”

From Ridicule to Greatness

There was a positive air in the group today as we considered ignoring the views of the ‘nay sayers’ and listening to those who would encourage and affirm our pursuits, goals and dreams.  If we can recognise and accept that we may fall and fail along the way, and perhaps ultimately discover that a certainContinue reading “From Ridicule to Greatness”

The discipline of relaxation. And kittens.

I think we realised today that relaxing takes a conscious effort, you would think it might just happen naturally, but often we are so busy either physically or in our own thoughts that it actually takes a concerted effort to stop and breath! Some of us came to the group today feeling so busy withContinue reading “The discipline of relaxation. And kittens.”

Getting through the darkness

Today was the first group of 2016 so it was interesting to hear how people had got on over the Christmas period.  Group members had mixed experiences over the period which can be common for a lot of people at this time of year.  However, what was encouraging was how members who had positive experiences over this time couldContinue reading “Getting through the darkness”