Journeys (John Arthur as guest)

It was a real pleasure to welcome John Arthur to the group today as guest. John is well-known around Edinburgh for the work he does in the recovery community. People who know John find him to be an inspiring and caring figure who likes to help and stand up for disadvantaged people in society. WithContinue reading “Journeys (John Arthur as guest)”

Musical Healing

At the group today we revisited a topic which is regularly requested for in the programme, music.  We did the exercise where you ask people what music they were listening to at different stages in their lives. The stages we used were; 10 years of age, teenage years and in your 20’s. Below are theContinue reading “Musical Healing”

The Joy Therapets Bring

Inviting a therapet to the group was something we have wanted to do for some time, so it was great to welcome Willow (Therapet) and his owner Barry along to the group.  It was lovely seeing the way Willow interacted with Group members and the smiles she brought to their faces.  If Willow did not thinkContinue reading “The Joy Therapets Bring”

Practising how to deal with challenges

Today we looked at techniques that can help keep us safe and also become more self-aware of how we respond to situations.  A big challenge for people in recovery is when situations happen in life which are outwith their control.  If previously someone’s coping mechanism in dealing with stress or upset had been to drink forContinue reading “Practising how to deal with challenges”

Gratitude gives me something to live for

Today at the group we looked at things we were grateful for.  Group members commented on how being able to log things that they are thankful for can increase their sense of wellbeing.  We acknowledge that this is not the easiest thing to do when we feel at our lowest point and as if  livingContinue reading “Gratitude gives me something to live for”

Valuable Resource

Today at the group we looked at the recently launched Addiction Recovery Companion app for mobile phone and tablet device. The app is for people who are in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. ARC-Edinburgh brings together information and tools to help you access recovery services, organise your life and keep motivated to stay on track.Continue reading “Valuable Resource”

Challenging your thoughts

At today’s group we looked at our thought processes and how we can believe what our thoughts are even though they are not factually accurate.  When we have unhelpful thoughts it can lead us into feelings of; paranoia, anxiety, self-criticism, fear, helplessness and worthlessness. Believing that something or someone can only be good or bad,Continue reading “Challenging your thoughts”