A letter to my younger-self

Today we asked group members to write a letter to their younger-self.   We were very aware of the emotions that this could bring up for people. The benefit in doing this is that it can help us to develop more self-compassion. This can be really useful for people who attach self-criticism to themselves for things happenedContinue reading “A letter to my younger-self”

How we listen to music

Chatting about what music means to us is a popular topic at various times in the group.  We did things a bit differently today and took the time to listen to three different songs. We used the time to be quiet and properly listen to the music, the lyrics, the tune, the harmony and theContinue reading “How we listen to music”

Planting for Spring

  From March back through November landscapes draped in black and white As knife-like shadows in the forests pierced the dimming light And even mighty rivers disappeared under the strain Of crushing flows of ice after a night of freezing rain For now the only sounds that crackle out through winter’s hush Are frozen podsContinue reading “Planting for Spring”

The Impact of Mental Illness

At today’s group we looked at the different ways in which mental health can affect us. We looked at it from two different perspectives. Below are the group findings; 1.Someone who is struggling with poor mental health. I feel people don’t want to talk about problems especially ‘deep’ things I feel isolated There is aContinue reading “The Impact of Mental Illness”

Music and memories

  Today the group had a bit of time reconnecting with people they had not seen for a while.  We reminisced that the group has been running now for 5 years this month, firstly under the name ‘Choose Life’ and since January this year, ‘A Life Worth Living’. We had a discussion about whether thereContinue reading “Music and memories”

Fun and Smiles

At today’s group we played some fun games and had some cake and goodies as a thank you to one of the group facilitators who’s last day facilitating was today. At the request of a group member we revisited a game that the group first played last year. It is a bit like ‘pass theContinue reading “Fun and Smiles”

Anxiety From World Events

Today at the group we looked at the impact world events can have on our mental health. Over the last few years there does indeed seem to have been constant change around the world politically. For some, adapting to change can be relatively stress free, but for others it can lend itself to a fearContinue reading “Anxiety From World Events”

Not forgetting my achievements

At today’s group people discussed achievements they have gained in their lives.  If suffering from low mood you may be prone to seeing things from a negative viewpoint. As a result, you may end up dismissing or playing down your achievements which can then lead to low self-worth. A list of some of those achievementsContinue reading “Not forgetting my achievements”