Poems By Group Members


I felt it this morning
A flutter in my chest
An almost alien feeling
A subtle caress

I think I remember it from long ago
Hope, as it sprouts and begins to grow
It feels so nice, pure and true
I hope I can pass some of this feeling to you

Hope makes you tough
Hope makes you strong
Hope feeds your heart
And helps you fight what is wrong



Do your memories cause you dreams
Or do your dreams help you remember?
Can you grasp mental sunbeams
Or are you left with fading embers.

If you’re in a state of wakeful sleep
Why can’t your dreams come with you?
And if there are memories you want to keep,
Why do you wake up feeling sad and blue.

You’d love to remember happy times that come from your past
But bad times are more vivid so a shadow they cast,
You’d love to dream of fluffy clouds and you flying high,
But you’re frightened to soar, in case you fall from the sky.

Try holding a good memory, if it pops into your head,
And keep it if you can until you get into your bed,
Close your eyes and hope for a good night’s sleep,
And maybe in your dream, from a cloud you’ll dare to leap.

Memories and dreams can be closely interlinked,
It would be great if you could control the way you think,
Your brain isn’t like that, it won’t be told what to do,
But I hope happy memories and dreams see you through.


To fly
To find the freedom of the soul
No more control
To be within the essence of time
To float with the divine

Hear angels voices
Be free of choices
Soaring across skies
Away from lies

To fly not to cry
Or have to deny
Just to be, to see, to be free

Within destiny, to understand never to land
Forever of wisdom, flight of my life
The wonders and essence
Away from births strife

The power, the beauty, wing upon wing
Fly to where pure angels sing


I’ve chosen to live
But what does it look like?
Taking baby steps
Each and every day
Looking forward, excited and scared
What will the future bring?

It took a crisis to make me choose
Faced with death and wanting life
Keeping going through the trials
But knowing I’m not alone
I now know people care
It’s good to know and accept

waterfall 2


Being understood is a story to be heard.
We are judged by people who don’t understand
and we are treated differently from the rest.

Just listen as we cry those silent tears
and weep for the life that we once knew
Treat us kindly with respect not reject
Support us through our darkest hour
when that black hole has sucked us way down
are we are stuck within
Reach out your helping hand
to pull us back up again

Give us the chance to defeat suicide!


Hope is what gets us through another day
Hope is where the stars are shining bright
Hope is like a rainbow in disguise
Hope brings light when we do not always see it
Hope never disappears as it’s there with you wherever you go
Hope gives us something to live for
Hope means the fear will disappear
Hope will get you to a better place
Hope is like a butterfly flying free through the air
Always believe in hope and you will never be defeated


Happy thoughts, share with us, send the bad ones across the sea to a far away land.

Light a lantern, make a wish and send it high through the clouds and watch as our wishes come true.

Make us smile our way through tears and pain, that we hold deep , which will be released from our heavy aching hearts, as our minds unfold into a better place.


Life’s span dwindles before we see that we are not all that we can be. It’s taken time to take the path we’ve chosen we can’t unweave the threads we’ve woven.

Life will provide the answer we seek when we place value in everyone we meet then we will discover the key to the rhyme it is love that is the bridge to time.

3 thoughts on “Poems By Group Members

  1. its a great group and theres a lot of people that didnt even know it was there but its realy surportive to a lot of people already lets carrey that on to save more lifes the best

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