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1,000 Compliments, Positive Phrases, Inspirational Quotes and Lyrics That Can Fit On A Post-It Note

Slay Girl Society

Have you ever wanted to say the perfect thing to someone, but couldn’t formulate the words? Me too. I think everyone, even the most talented wordsmiths, often struggle with saying the right thing in a certain situation. It’s hard to express yourself when the feeling you want to articulate is super deep and personal. Or sometimes, we just run out of original things to say. Or other times, even the simplest compliment is forgotten because we want to makeour conversationextraordinary.

If you don’t already know, I have bipolar disorder. As someone with a mental illness, I know the amazing effect that the right words can have. I recently finished reading an inspirational book, How to Be ABawse byLillySingh.(Read the review here!) Her words were really motivating and encouraging and made me feel like anything was possible. I started to look at my recovery from a depressive episode with hope…

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