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Help over Christmas and New Year

If you need help immediately over Christmas and New Year, here are some local services:

Police, Fire, Ambulance –  for emergencies Tel:   999

Mental Health Assessment Service (MHAS) – Tel:  0131 537 6000

NHS 24 – Tel:  08454 24 24 24

Emergency Social Work Service – Tel:  0800 731 6969

Edinburgh Samaritans – Tel:  0131 221 9999

Castlecliff Hostel – Tel:  0131 225 1643 (provides emergency accommodation)

Housing Options Team – Tel:  0800 032 5968 (out of hours service)

National Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline – Tel:  0800 027 1234

UK Domestic Abuse Violence Helpline – Tel:  0808 2000 247

Breathing Space:  0800 83 85 87, Mon-Thurs 6pm-2am, Fri 6pm-Mon 6am (emotional support over the phone)



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Group Goals


  • Setting out the aims
  • Creating online spaces
  • Having Somewhere to meet
  • The idea and what it entails
  • Gathering support for the idea
  • How do we publicise the group
  • More awareness from GP’S re Mental health (Over 40% of cases at surgeries are Mental Health realated)
  • Exploring the impact Benefits changes have
  • Maintaining contact with Andy MacAleevy
  • All services working together to help individual
  • Looking at the issues regarding the many obstacles that many face to be admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital
  • Looking at the lack of supportive environment for people
  • Looking at the resources available
  • Looking at the navigation system for help
  • Looking at more help from Health services
  • Looking at the lack of supportive environment
  • Challenging pre-conceptions
  • Establish safe environment
  • Looking at and sharing inspiration
  • Finding common ground
  • Feeling supported by one another’s experiences
  • Building a good understanding and relationships with one another
  • Establishing an ethos and culture within the group
  • Looking to find a safe place of respite for individuals who require space away.
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Group suggestions for techniques that can help those who suffer from S.A.D.

Things that can help you in dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Using a light box
  • Going for a walk/getting some fresh air
  • Making a routine/creating some structure
  • Getting out of bed
  • Looking at your diet
  • Being pro active
  • Being supported/encouraged
  • Watching TV shows/comedy
  • Listening to music
  • Having fairy lights on display
  • Being social
  • Using scented oils
  • Placing half an orange in the room.  The cirtrus scent is awakening and enlivening
  • Being self aware
  • Using herbal remedies
  • Remembering that if you regularly suffer from SAD that by the time spring arrives you know historically things will get better.