Welcome to a Life Worth Living Group at Simpson House.  We are running a group for people who struggle with depression or low mood and want to make a shift from the darkness of despair to the lightness of hope.  The group evolved from the Choose Life group which began in Simpson House in 2012.

The focus of the group:

  • To reach out to people who are isolated
  • To play a part in changing perceptions of mental health and addiction problems in society.
  • To make connections with other organisations to offer more choice to individuals
  • To help people build up their strengths and interests.

The group facilitators are:

Paul Nicholson (Senior Addiction Worker, Simpson House)

Liz Forrester (Senior Addiction Worker, Simpson House)

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there Carole-Anne, thanks for getting in touch. Can you tell us where you live? Are you local to Edinburgh?

  2. HI there! I live in Edinburgh (Gorgie) and would like to attend your group sessions. I am diagnosed with depression and although I am in regular contact with my psychiatrist/ psychotherapist, I would like to get some extra support. Would I be welcome? Do I need to sign up, or just pop in?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nedalina, Thanks for enquiring about the group and for reading our blog! You are more than welcome to come along to the group. We run every Thursday at Simpson House 52 Queen St, EH2 3NS. (It’s not too far from Gorgie.) You just have to turn up on the day to register at 10.15am. As you’ve probably seen from the blog it’s a really safe, supportive group that I hope could help you with your situation. Hopefully see you on Thursday or whenever you feel you would like to come along. Best Wishes, Paul

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