What is a life worth living?

What a big question- how do we define a life worth living? Well, it’s different for every single one of us and it changes. It can change every day, month, or year. The core though is our happiness. We want a life we can look at and smile and be grateful for. A life where we are valued and appreciated. A life where waking up feels- worth it.

I found myself stuck recently, I felt like I had no options other than to just deal.

I had started a new position in the company I had been with for 3 years (I know, I know- sounds like a small amount of time right?) but, to me it felt like a place I would likely retire from.

With the change in position came new management that just wasn’t good. Whether it was a lack of experience or rather a lack of basic communication skills- this was just not going to be a happy place for me.

From being in a once happy spot, with a company I was proud to be a part of – I began to hate my job. Transferring wasn’t an option until 6 months had passed and so I was stuck. I hated it every day a little bit more. I watched my coworkers go through the same emotions. And finally, I thought, I cannot live this way. I cannot come to work to be mistreated, to reach out to HR and hear a “so sorry how can I help” followed by what was in fact NO HELP, and to see that to this company I had just become a number. I was to be productive under these conditions regardless of it being unfair.

I decided I was worth more than that, and I wanted to live a life worth living

So I quit, and I know that sounds insane in this economy but I did it anyway. I left with no notice and I do not regret it. I had no idea if I would be approved for unemployment or not- but I was confident there were other ways and other jobs out there.

Fast forward it’s been 4 months, I did in fact get approved for unemployment due to the mistreatment.

Life is so much different now. Life feels worth it most days and on the bad days well it feels confusing and overwhelming. (More on my biggest fears before I quit coming soon)

I fill my time with finding ways to make money doing things that I enjoy as well as some very easy ways that don’t feel anything like that dreaded place.

I hope if you read this- you know that even if you’re stuck in a place being mistreated, it doesn’t change your worth. You don’t deserve to feel that way. You can find ways to support yourself and your family that don’t include mistreatment. I know there’s a grand list of things (bills mostly) that make it feel as though it would be impossible to quit BUT quitting isn’t the only answer, or rather isn’t the first step but maybe your final step.

There is more to life than being a number at a company- you can live your dream life, while it won’t be easy- it will be worth it.

I’d love to share this journey and share what a life worth living looks like for me these days

And hopefully, inspire you to make the change for your own definition of a life worth living.

With love,


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