Creating an online profile

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At the end of 2020 the group had some fun and creativity designing an online profile. Like the art of constructing a CV, it can be useful to have some ideas of how to present your best aspects online whether this is for work or business purposes such as linkedin, campaigning for a cause on social media or, of course, online dating.

We decided to make a group profile for the latter….it is a culmination of everyone’s responses, it gave us joy to create and much laughter to read, we hope you enjoy it too, but remember…we come as a package! Please note that the comments are an amalgamation of possible responses and not to be taken too seriously! These are not the direct opinion of the cartoon profiles pictures. We hope you enjoy!

The all important first line to make an impact and introduce yourself:

Hello, my starsign is cancer, I’m vegan, I am 26 and like playstation

Next up, you may or may not wish to outlay political views, this may be important for you in a potential partner if it is something you are passionate about:

I like Biden, am christian conservative, support independence for Scotland #freedom

Pets can be an important consideration, if you have allergies or are scared of snakes some pet lovers may not be the right match for you:

Don’t love dogs? Don’t bother. Do you love snakes? See, when we get our first house, what pet would you like?

It can be important to state how you feel about Children, potential daters can be in a myriad of family situations so it can be useful for harmony to discuss at the outset:

I have no comment-not for me at the minute. I am child free, I would really like to have children, I come as a package with two children, I’d like to see how it goes.

Smoking can be a very controversial lifestyle choice on which potential partners may have very strong feelings, so once again, it may be wise to put it out there:

I am a social smoker, a holiday smoker, I smoke when stressed, I don’t like smoke, I really enjoy smoking, I’m trying to quit, our children will be called Benson & Hedges…I’m just smokin’

Similarly people may have a very different attitude to alcohol and whether or not it is a part of their social or dating life:

I’m a social drinker, I am tee total, I prefer coffee…and cake

Like political views, many dating websites may ask about faith or spirituality as these may be an important aspect of how people frame their worldview:

I enjoy wearing my star of David and a St Christopher-I might be ecumenical. It doesn’t matter what religion you are…be kind. I don’t appreciate others telling me what to think. I am open to all faiths and none. I’m not religious but it doesn’t bother me. Be what you want to be.

It can be helpful to have some shared Interests with a potential date, this can help with conversation topics and what to do if you choose to meet up. What are you passionate about?:

I am a passionate Heart of Midlothian supporter, I like knitting, reading and literature, Radio 4, listening, swimming, BOXING-our children will be called Rocky, coffee and cake, saving the planet and maintaining Scotland’s place as part of the United Kingdom.

So as we start to get more specific-What’s your ideal date?

One with a book! A sense of humour, a classical concert, coffee and cake, cinema trip, watching boxing in the pub, and going for a dog walk.

Allowing your personality to come out now, what verb or phrase would you use to describe yourself?

I’m raj, awkward, unpredictable, studious, crazy in a good way, I’m emotional, sensitive and take things to heart.

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