Media; friend or foe?

In today’s group we wanted to look at parts of the media which people found helpful along side the parts which people found to be emotionally damaging. Of course there are many forms of media we gain access from; newspapers, news bulletins, TV/radio shows which brings us up to the latest form of media whichContinue reading “Media; friend or foe?”


Self-compassion is an area we will continue to visit often in this group as it is something helpful for us all to practice and something we generally struggle to do, so encouragement and reminders to be self-compassionate are helpful. Compassion literally means to ‘suffer with’ and is an active word, implying movement, a rising upContinue reading “Self-Compassion”

Guilt and Forgiveness

We began the group discussion looking at how sensitive we are to feeling guilt by exploring a couple of scenarios; If you received too much change in a shop and kept it without saying anything, how uncomfortable would you feel about this?… This led to a discussion about guilt in relation to values, moral relativismContinue reading “Guilt and Forgiveness”