Lockdown survival kit

It is fair to say this is the first time that any of us have lived through a pandemic. As we have kept in touch as a group over the last few months, first by telephone and now online together we have shared with each other how we have managed time apart, time alone, ways to feel safe, connected and manage anxiety amidst the constantly changing landscape of culture, society and social interaction.

Nearly six months in to this new way of doing life is feeling quite wearisome for many as we look at how we settle in and adjust to perhaps a more long term societal change than we would have hoped. While most people would like Lockdown to come to an end, we are aware this time has allowed some of us the space to learn new skills like dancing, meditation and yoga alongside rediscovered activities such as reading, studying, walking and exploring local history, and baking.

In order to get through these challenging and uncertain times we looked at the different things people used in their own survival kits to get them to get through this period. A common thing in survival kits was the entertainment industry and how it provided a welcomed sense of escapism. It was also interesting to note how many people had a shared fondness for mafia movies and TV shows. People found them to be very exciting and were particularly fascinated by the dynamics of how family life and morals are shown. It was the strong emphasis on family and togetherness that was the appeal which perhaps feels quite poignant in a time of separation. Similarly people had been enjoying the radio for it’s feeling of companionship whilst isolated, and the range of topics offered to think about to stimulate thinking.

Outdoor coffee has become a real treat and people have found inner creativity and got more involved in photography and poetry with the extra space and time we all found to discover a little more about ourselves.

Group members, like most people have found new and different ways to stay connected, such as Zoom and WhatsApp. The common theme here shows how extremely important it is to have connection with others. Just knowing that someone cares can make all the difference.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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