Black Lives Matter Discussion

As a local group meeting in Edinburgh, separated by Lockdown, we have been delighted these last few weeks to connect again online. This has challenged some to the very edges of their technological abilities but we are very pleased with our achievements to have everyone up and running online. Well done!

Facing a computer screen with a myriad of buttons can be quite daunting when you don’t know what worldwide implications lie at the end of it. Pressing ‘send’, ‘post’, ‘agree’, ‘buy’, ‘leave’ can all hold a bit of anxiety.

Last week we took time to consider the impact of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement which has been very significant during this time. Group members spoke of their rising awareness of racism in society, both explicit and implicit and expressed feelings of sadness and of anger upon learning more about the everyday injustices and suffering which people face in our society based on skin colour.

People spoke about the efforts they had gone to to find out more about people’s stories and experiences, and some had taken on the task of examining and becoming aware of unconscious biases passed down through family or society. We agreed that awareness and education are key, and just listening to how it is for people.

Ultimately we wish to see a world which does not divide itself according to race or colour, or for that matter, gender, age or sexuality, or football team or religion!

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Discussion

  1. So sorry I missed this one. So glad yet unsurprising that our wee group focused on a major equalities issues as we’ve all been exposed to some hatred, fear or ignorance in our lives. We are also an embracing, kind and diverse group of folks driven by rejecting prejudices in all their forms and focusing on our united state as all members of a single human race. Tam

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