What is it going to be like coming out of lockdown?

We acknowledged there could be a lot of anxiety going into lockdown, time was required to settle in and readjust. And, maybe after a while we got used to the safety, the quiet and the spaciousness, or maybe not. As restrictions begin to ease, what may be facing us and what can help our transition?

Are there going to be new social politics to navigate? How do we feel when people get closer than 2 metres or start meeting up in large groups? During lockdown some people have felt very anxious about the behaviours of others, while for some the guidelines have felt too restrictive and have chosen not to follow them.

Perhaps we carry apprehension about how other people will behave as restrictions lift, or maybe we are ready to flick the switch and go out and hug the world again, or somewhere in between? How will we respond to other people’s behaviour and etiquette? The truth is that we can only be responsible for the way we behave and cannot control the behaviours of others no matter the injustice we may feel.

The hope is we can all learn from our lockdown experiences and have even more of an appreciation for our world and fellow human beings.

Acceptance and kindness are perhaps the way forward

One thought on “What is it going to be like coming out of lockdown?

  1. That is true and really nice, too many people concerned what others are doing ! I know this comes from anxiety x

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