Thinking of Places We Love to be together, while space is between us

This week through poetry we are considering a feature of Lockdown where we are together by telephone or online but we are missing our physical spaces where we meet together. The following poems remind us that we are still emotionally connected even though we are physically separated.

‘Places We Love’ by Ivan V. Lalic (extract)

Places we love exist only through us,
Space destroyed is only illusion in the constancy of time,
Places we love we can never leave,
Places we love together, together, together,
And is this room really a room or an embrace,
And what is beneath the window: a street or years?
And the window is only the imprint left by
The first rain we understood, returning endlessly,
And this wall does not define the room,
And this door leads into an afternoon
Which outlives it, forever peopled
With your casual movements as you stepped,
Like fire into copper, into my only memory;
When you go, space closes over like water behind you,
Do not look back: there is nothing outside you,
Space is only time visible in a different way,
Places we love we can never leave.

Scottish poet and former Makar, Liz Lochhead has written a poem specifically about Lockdown. It is called The Spaces Between.

To hear Liz explain the background to writing this poem and read her poem you can download the Radio 4 podcast here.

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