Poems for Lockdown

This week we share poems from the group that they have either written, been amused or inspired by or are just helping us to get through. The first speaks to the all those home haircuts happening without out beauty parlours and barbers:


Today I got a haircut
And I think I’m going to cry
Seeing myself in the mirror this way
Just makes me want to die.

The top is way too short
And my ears stick out all funny
The back looks like the mangled tail
Of a mutant Easter Bunny.

My bangs look like they lost real bad
In a game of truth or dare.
A word of advice, never ever let
Your best friend cut your hair!

The second is a narrative on our changing world since the start of 2020


In Scotland on Hogmanay 2019,
The fireworks exploded, red, silver and green,
The revellers partied to celebrate New Year,
Not a care in the world, nothing to fear.

Meanwhile, in China, a new virus was born,
Sure they could contain it, they chose not to forewarn,
The virus spread fast, it was very contagious,
As cases were found in Thailand, it was getting quite dangerous.

The virus was airborne, it loved public transport,
It travelled worldwide, without needing a passport,
Us Scots, never thought it would make it here,
So much for 2020, being a lucky leap year.   

The medical experts named the virus COVID-19,
The 1st of March, when the first case in Scotland was seen,
By then, 2,900 people worldwide were dead, and nearly 88,000 sick,
In 10 days, the WHO labelled COVID-19 a pandemic.

Now it was real, it was happening to us,
The number of Scots sick and dying, increased without fuss,
We tried to keep a two metre distance, as we moved around our city or town,
Biding our time, till we went into lockdown.

The first thing that changed, was groups of 500 or more, couldn’t be assembled,
That meant spectator sports, marathons and concerts were cancelled,

Next, all holidays abroad were postponed, all other countries airports, and borders were closed,
As a result, how this virus could ruin our airlines, became exposed.
People who could, had to work from home,
Social distancing was a must, sometimes you feel so alone,

Lots of companies buckled under the strain,
Having to close and let staff go, the pandemic to blame.  
The schools all shut for the foreseeable future,
So now people work from home, and play teacher,

Everyone over 70 or with health issues,
Have to shield at home, at least 12 weeks, they don’t get to choose.   
Unemployment, has soared, people feel lost,
No-one can tell, how much this pandemic has cost,

Not just financially, but emotionally barren,
Though they have to socially distance, they need a companion.
We don’t know what the world will be like, when this pandemic is over,
Lots of people will be left with resentment and anger,

Hopefully you and everyone you love, get through this alive and well,
If anything, it’s another adventure, you’ve lived to tell.     

The third is an extract of a poem by Helen McClory which speaks to the strange times we are living through

A Charm

…A charm for the way through the days of demagogues. A charm for making a lie apparent, a truth evident, a lie scaled and upended. A charm against powerlessness. A charm against the fact that magic does not exist, a charm that has no power, but. A charm for the corner shop and all who sail in her. A charm for a plant in a window with dust on it, and a small cat who sees you and opens its mouth. A charm against consuming as feeble rejoinder to a sense of powerlessness. A charm for living. A charm for the living. A charm for all the lives that will have to resist. A charm for knowing history. A charm for seeing which side blood is buttered. A charm for autumn light. A charm for crossing the road without getting hit. A charm for all Cassandras. A charm for walking away from the end. A charm for gentleness. A charm for the fight. A charm for the air, a charm written on air, and rewritten and always needing to be rewritten. A charm for everyday. A charm against despair, and when it does come, for despair splitting like a frayed cord and sparking itself out to leave what is left, a cold feeling, less than content but fit to be retooled to better use. A charm for autumn light. A charm for the room you left. A charm against the room you left. A charm for the two worlds online and irl and more in which we live what is, and what we think it is. A charm for a lighter and a heavier heart. A charm against a hopeless future. A charm for frailty and continuing to fight. A charm for the world as it is, and your continuing to live in it.

The fourth looks at self-reflection and celebrating happy times

Before I die I will dance

Before I die I will dance There will be no tears of sadness And I will ask That all my friends Who come to say Goodbye Sing songs as they dance Throughout the day In memory of my life   Before I die I will dance To remember my younger days When I danced up a storm My feet Flying aimlessly about While I danced With all the pretty ladies Until one fateful day I danced with the one Who stole my heart Who became my wife Who danced by my side Hand in hand   I danced with the one Whose kisses were sweet Whose arms kept me warm During cold, cold nights Whose danced matched my own Step for step, heel for toe Until that day That my tears Stopped the dance When She could no longer Dance at all

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