Where would I like to (virtually) visit?

map 3

*Due to the current CV-19 world health pandemic and how it affects us all we felt it would be good to have a look back at a group we did a couple of months ago.  We hope doing this can provide some hope in what are uncertain times.  We also hope  through this health crisis we can have even more appreciation for our beautiful planet.*    

 This week’s blog is looking at a discussion we had about places people would like to live or visit. Our format for this discussion used the below template;

What do you like about this destination?

  • Culture?
  • Climate?
  • Scenery?
  • The people?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Communication skills?
  • Traditions?

Some destinations group members mentioned included;  Bermuda, Southern Italy, Florida, Maui (Hawaii) and Northern Africa. Some of the reasons for this were;

Bermuda:  Laid-back lifestyle, familiarity and churches

Southern Italy:  The food, the people and the culture

Florida: The warm climate, language and laid-back lifestyle

Maui: The lifestyle, the scenery and the tranquility

Northern Africa: The wildlife, the scenery and sense of adventure

At this time when nobody can travel away for a holiday it is still very important to take a break.  You might need some space to get your head around this situation or even if you’re working from home or around children. Lots of places have made virtual tours of their exhibitions available to us.  Please click below to visit! 

Virtual around the world tours!

Edinburgh Zoo live web cams





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