Making a breakthrough

At this group we considered how we can feel very stuck in life at times, we can feel stuck in situations, or in our thinking, or in the way we feel.  Group members talked about how they had experienced breakthroughs at different points in their lives.  One person talked about how they were having difficulty within a team, and was frustrated about being misunderstood.  Their breakthrough came with a wise quote from another person who said; “You forgot to dismount”.  They realised that the attempt to persuade had not been helping.  A different approach of ‘divide and conquer’ was adopted, this allowed one to one conversations and greater understanding.  So in this situation a change of perception and tactic allowed a breakthrough.

Door, Breakthrough, Door Sunburst, Flowers

Another person had a breakthrough when they were being bullied.  They asked the person bullying them to treat them as an equal and did not back down.  The person felt better about themselves for doing this as it increased confidence.

We looked at an exercise together by using a cost benefit analysis of making a change.  We explored the advantages and disadvantages of making changes and the advantages and disadvantages of NOT making changes.  The group worked together with one person on a particular situation, this was helpful as the person was able to hear some objective viewpoints from other people who are outside the situation.  It can be helpful to be open to other possibilities, as part of feeling stuck can be to just keep thinking round and round, trying the same limited approaches as the first breakthrough story above illustrates.  We are then in a better position of what other decisions and solutions maybe available to us.

One thought on “Making a breakthrough

  1. It was truly empowering to hear how we all, us humans regardless of any mental health issues, tend to lean towards fear of the worst of ourselves and how we are viewed by others. Should be enough to let us know that we’re none of us super heroes and to be kinder on ourselves as we are with others . Ta. Ash

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