Last group of 2019

On Thursday’s group it was our final group for the year. We had decided to have a Christmas party. 

However, as the group is called a life worth living we do acknowledge how Christmas can be a really difficult time for people.. We discussed how the run up to Christmas can seem to go on much longer and some people can find it very stressful. Some people find it a particularly lonely time, or a very painful time for a variety of reasons. Examples of this were, missing people no longer in our lives or dealing with our own/loved ones mental health issues.

For some people Christmas is a joyous time, often when children are around,and just enjoying the festive season and holiday. 

Whatever Peoples’ experience is in our group we all feel valued and equal, we can all share our experiences but mainly have the best laughs with each other and Paul and Liz the facilitators.Every week there is a different topic and this week it was about celebrating Christmas.!

As always we had a quick ‘check-in’ for people to say how their week had been and then the party started!

We played a game called ‘The present game’ which was fast paced and great fun! Everyone had bought in a cheap present for this and everyone went home with at least two wee fun presents! 

We then watched a compilation of funny Christmas clips from you tube, listened and chatted to Christmas music before playing the game Truth or lie. The rules of the game are that everyone had to say a truth or lie about themselves with everyone else having to decide which story is true and which is not. This proved to be harder than we thought! 

We then had a buffet lunch before saying our goodbyes and looking forward to seeing each other in 2020, feeling blessed to belong to such a wonderful group! images

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