Expressing your feelings in a letter

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The group had suggested that we could do a session on letter writing to process difficult emotions.

We had an outline for a process to follow if this would be helpful:

We recognised that each persons situation was very different, some issues are maybe in a current relationship, some may be with people from whom we are now estranged or may be deceased. Actual contact with the other person may or may not be possible or appropriate depending on the circumstances.

Some letters had dealt with anger or being controlled and realised some new things through writing it out. Other letters addressed betrayal and forgiveness. Some had written a letter to self, recognising that they were deserving of self-care and were worthy of value. Some people had written to a person in their life that had previously bullied them and realised that they now felt sorry for this person.

Through this process we acknowledged that there could be conflicting feelings, for example feeling angry yet loyal, or hurt yet had hope for reconciliation. People noticed that there was something helpful in the act of writing things down, that in the flow of that there could be more clarity. Some people saw that their process was still very active and that there were further layers of processing to do.

During the letter writing exercise we enjoyed having Neil Young’s song on about writing a letter!

One thought on “Expressing your feelings in a letter

  1. It was a lively and revealing discussion. All agreed there’s a power and catharsis in expressing our feelings in a letter, even if unread. Also to receive a letter, this forces the reader to focus without interruption on the message and contemplate and digest it.

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