How to become more positive

Today the group began talking about some of the stuck places we can find ourselves in. This may be due to circumstances; difficulties with health, finances or repetitive disappointment. We acknowledged these factors but began to acknowledge that the way we speak to ourselves about events could be changed for a different mindset allowing more potential, possibility and optimism. Some of the group shared about ways in which they had dealt with negative thinking patterns. One of these ways was by noticing what the thoughts were rather than just operating from feeling and doing. By becoming aware that it is the ‘Think’ which influences the feel and do, the person had made big life changes and was more positive. Another person shared about ‘fake it til you make it’ and how this had helped them to force themselves through difficult situations, ultimately this was helpful as in the end they did feel ok. This was about sometimes adopting a state of resignation or acceptance of a difficult, unchanging circumstance because in the end this served the best interests of those involved rather than fighting.

People chatted about the positive energy it takes and the force required to make changes, even getting out of bed some days when energy or mood is low takes an incredible amount of force, however we concluded that in general people do not regret getting up or getting up earlier so it is worth the discomfort. Mel Robbins speaks about this too in the Ted talk below.

We also considered the mind body connection, our low thoughts can make our bodies heavy and vice versa. Altering a state in one may well alter the other. Another tip from the group was to think of 3 positives for a negative as they had found this very helpful. Each time there is a negative thought about something, or one of those pesky ‘What-if’s’ think of three to counter it.

Some other regular themes of discussions in our group were revisited too as ways to become more positive, such as finding things to be thankful for, being aware of the stories in our heads, the content of our conversation with others, be kind to yourself-which includes being able to say no things and assert boundaries. We talked about commitment to following ideas through too even if we don’t feel like it . People talked about Mel Robbins (above) 5 second rule whereby it’s important to follow an idea with some kind of action within 5 seconds otherwise we lose the impulse.

We know that it is not as simple as swapping a negative for a positive. However, from our discussion and people sharing their experiences of what has worked for them, there are some proactive steps we can take to introduce our negative bias to an alternative perspective.

One thought on “How to become more positive

  1. Wide ranging and informed personal experiences. Came over as almost that positivity is a muscle and you have to work it to sustain and grow it. Otherwise negative thinking and behaviours can become overwhelming.

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