Dating and Sense of Self

Why are we attracted to the people we are attracted to? The group discussed how this was due to multiple factors, an initial physical attraction endorsed by shared interests and core values-not too similar, as this is not stimulating or too opposite as this might be too uncomfortable. Shared experiences also created attraction, along withContinue reading “Dating and Sense of Self”

Emotional Dilemmas

The group had requested a session on emotional dilemmas, so we looked at a few ethical dilemma scenarios in small groups. Situations that required thinking about breaking medical confidentiality, or discovering your friend’s wife is having an affair and such like. It was interesting to see that many group members had different ideas from eachContinue reading “Emotional Dilemmas”

Thinking about our Inner Child

Below is a small snap shot of how we used with Russian dolls to help us develop a better understand the dynamics of our ‘Inner child’ 1. Inside the grown-up deep inside is the child just like these Russian dolls.You might feel it a positive when you are playing with children. For example I feelContinue reading “Thinking about our Inner Child”