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Childhood games we played


Today we looked at fun games from our childhood. We discussed games we used to play in the school playground like ‘British Bulldogs’ which we assume would not be permitted or acceptable in the present day on the grounds of health and safety! We also compared children’s playparks from the past to the modern today.  In the past if you were unlucky enough to fall off park facilities you would most likely tumble on to a ground of hard grass, sand or gravel thus creating a lot of scuffed knees. In the present day things have thankfully changed regarding safety with most playparks now using protective wood or rubber that can lessen the impact of a child falling.

We went on to discuss board games from childhood: These in included;

Ludo, Frustration, Cluedo, Mouse Trap, Battleships, Connect Four, Operation and Spirograph, just to name a few.

Click here for an interesting article about retro board games from The Daily Mirror site

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Autumn Arts


An art session in this group is normally very relaxing.  This session we went for traditional drawing and sketching, leaving aside the glitter and glue on this occasion (fun though they are!)

Group members spoke about really being able to switch off through art and just be in a different space for a while really focusing on something, hopefully people were also able to enjoy the process without worrying too about the end result and just get absorbed in the creating rather than stress about perfection which can sometimes be a barrier to just getting stuck in. It was nice to see people being able to relax while doing this.