Relaxation and Meditation


This session was really all about self-care.  We recognise as a group that we can carry a lot of stress at times, and acknowledging that the seasonal change can have an impact on us.  So there was no big agenda to discuss or work on.  The group began with ice-cream, ok (!) so not everyone warmed to this idea at 10.15 in the morning, but to those of us who did it was a lovely treat.  Next we used some lovely, nourishing shea butter hand cream, as the coming colder months can dry out our skin.  It was quite buttery and did take a while to absorb so we did all need to sit there for a while rubbing it in, moisturising our skin! After this we did some gentle stretching to get in tune with our bodies, and were then ready for some relaxation.  We began with a body scan to see where we were holding tension, before moving onto an autumn visualisation.  People experienced this as a very relaxing session, so its good to do this once in a while.

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