Lifestyle Balance

Lifestyle balance pie

The group had requested a session on lifestyle balance.  As we chatted together at the beginning of the group today it was clear to see how stress or anxiety in one part of life can impact on other parts.  So it was helpful to fill in the above chart showing levels of satisfaction with each area of life.  People could see which areas were struggling and how this impacted on other areas; for example, if relationships are struggling, this may impact on social life, health, home environment and joy.  If career is struggling this can impacts on creativity, joy and finances etc.  By being able to see which area needs attention or a different approach we can figure out what to do and this will hopefully have a positive effect on other areas.  Stress felt prevalent for people at the moment, so we stopped and did a mindful breathing focusing exercise aimed at reducing stress.  This was helpful as part of the exercise was to see if you could notice a particular word, feeling or sensation.  Just taking the time to stop and think about this did allow people to be able to pinpoint a root which then enabled us to look at how particular issues could be addressed.  For example, this may be safeguarding an area of time to do something for your well-being which you enjoy, even if that is only one or two hours a week.  It maybe a particular conversation that you need to have with someone, or maybe its saying no, or yes! to something.

rest and self care

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