Coping With Anxiety

Anxiety is part of our make-up as people, it’s built deeply into our brains to protect us.  At appropriate times and in the right measure it is necessary and helpful to us.  But it can get stuck, leaving us feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed with life.  In recent groups we have looked at some practical waysContinue reading “Coping With Anxiety”

Mental Health Awareness Week-Focus on Stress

In line with this years Mental Health Awareness Week focus on stress, we had a discussion on this topic. “The word stress was originally an engineering term.  It referred to how much pressure a building could take before it collapsed.  These days a lot more people are collapsing from stress than buildings.” Joyce Meyer “StressContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week-Focus on Stress”

Favourite places

Today was the first part of the new programme.  As with every programme we try to make it varied with a wide mixture of content. For today’s group we did an exercise where everyone was asked to write down places that meant something for them. These places did not necessarily have to be holiday destinations,Continue reading “Favourite places”

Learning about Self-Compassion

Kristen Neff describes self compassion as giving the same kindness and care to ourselves that we’d give to a good friend. This isn’t actually very easy to do because our brains and thoughts seem to be hardwired to be negative.  This is because, at a very primal level, our brains are looking after us byContinue reading “Learning about Self-Compassion”