Mindful Doodling


We had a long standing friend of the group with us today, Geoffrey Baines; dream whisperer, blogger and doodler!  Geoffrey started the session with a very relaxing breathing exercise which was much appreciated and put people into a very chilled state for a new concept to us; mindful doodling.  The picture also has a very gentle thought journey and it was a bit of a discovery for some people in the group that by using one part of the brain to focus on colour and shapes and creativity, it allows the mind to stay focused on a particular thought process. Some people also found that where they might normally not feel very confident about anything creative, because this was part of another process, they found they weren’t worried so much about the art and felt a bit freer.  People experienced that they became fully absorbed in the activity and found it very relaxing, some people chose not to follow the thought process and enjoyed the relaxation of colouring.  At the end of this mindful colouring, Geoffrey asked us how long we thought we’d been colouring and in general the group though it was 40 or 45 minutes.  In fact it was 15 minutes, showing us that this type of process slows us down, actually allowing us to properly progress a thought process rather than being heightened and stressed and ruminating, states in which our thoughts don’t help us to achieve resolution.  At the beginning of the session Geoffrey spoke about how through these mindful thought processes we might discover what we want, and our potential and discover the best version of ourselves and our giftings and to come to ourselves with kindness and a non-judgemental attitude.  As Geoffrey says in his own blog, Thin Silence

“…Every day, though, we have the opportunity to develop and contribute who we are and what we do.

This is how we are able to find and live in meaning.

It isn’t this way for everyone yet, by any means.

What better thing then can we live for but to spread the word, encouraging and enabling as many as possible to bring more to the party than others expect?”

If you are interested in some mindful doodling and acquiring a book, there is more information here:

Slow Journeys in the Same Direction

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