Chillin’ and kindness with arts and crafts!


Occasionally in the group it’s requested to have a more relaxed session doing a creative activity, especially after some sessions which although very beneficial can be quite emotional and challenging as we work on some difficult things.  Today was just such a day.  We are hopefully approaching the end of our very long winter this year in Scotland…even the daffodils the group planted in November have not yet flowered, though there are buds so we are hopeful for some cheerful yellow flowers trumpeting the arrival of spring for next week!  Accompanying this long winter it feels like people have been struggling a bit longer with colds and flu and various wintry infections, so again we celebrate some warmer weather on the way to increase our immune systems!

We had a bit of a free art session today with a bit of a focus on messages of kindness to self and others.  We had a mixture of making kindness elves, angels, fairies, bunnies and cards to carry these messages:


love maskslove butterfly20180412_132702.jpg

Not everyone feels comfortable or able with creative activities, but we talked about the many different ways to be creative, some people can sit and paint, draw or craft an item, but creativity is anything which absorbs you and occupies your mind as you engage with it, be that getting involved with colours, fabrics, sounds, smells, ingredients and cooking, shapes, dance shapes, words, taking photographs, numbers or perhaps it is in the way of organising admin systems or furniture and being creative with how you use spaces or an abstract way of appreciating a landscape, or how you organise a party! What’s important is that we find a way to express ourselves, and it may only need be for us, expressed emotions are healthier than suppressed emotions.  Some people in the group discussed how they wouldn’t do a creative activity alone but in a group setting because of the relaxed atmosphere allowing a gentle way of talking about things it could be therapeutic.

Everyone in the group created something for themselves or for another, with reminders of how to be kind. This could be positive encouragement and hope, reminders of what is possible, reminders to look at difficulties from different angles, messages to let people know they are being thought of, and plans to show kindness through baking cake. (Yum!) And reminders that we are all growing, we’ve all changed something and there is an aspect of our life that we have learned to do better than we used to.



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