Chillin’ and kindness with arts and crafts!

Occasionally in the group it’s requested to have a more relaxed session doing a creative activity, especially after some sessions which although very beneficial can be quite emotional and challenging as we work on some difficult things.  Today was just such a day.  We are hopefully approaching the end of our very long winter thisContinue reading “Chillin’ and kindness with arts and crafts!”

What Musical Pieces Mean For Me

  Today at the group we returned to a popular group topic ‘music’.  We have mentioned many times in the past how music can provide an outlet for our emotions.  We wanted to do something a wee bit different this time by focussing on four different emotions and the music pieces people felt appropriate toContinue reading “What Musical Pieces Mean For Me”

A letter to my younger-self

Today we asked group members to write a letter to their younger-self.   We were very aware of the emotions that this could bring up for people. The benefit in doing this is that it can help us to develop more self-compassion. This can be really useful for people who attach self-criticism to themselves for things happenedContinue reading “A letter to my younger-self”