Inspirational People


In this weeks group we spoke about people in our lives that we had found inspiring.  For some this was personal relationships and for others it was public figures.  Throughout our lives we will find inspiration from many different people at different times.

Of those cited as inspirational, some people were so because they had been through immense times of struggle with mental health and had managed to come to a place of healing and creativity and a way to reach out and encourage others, such as Jo McFarlen 

For others it was the way an individual had accepted a progressive terminal illness but continued to find the joy in life and embrace experiences as much as he could, and as an accomplished mathematician to still search for a mystery equation, which he made significant progress in and contributed to the world of mathematics before he died.

People who stood for a cause were very inspiring to group members, such as the Beatles, who refused to play to segregated audiences when they toured America.  People agreed that they were inspired by rebels with a cause, such as the Suffragettes and other powerful women who had stood up against the injustice and inequalities of their time.

Another person in the group was inspired by academics who challenge established and accepted thinking and who wrote and published papers stating a very different view than all previous and respected thinking. Daring to be different and challenge accepted norms.

Bob Geoldof inspired one member of the group at the time of Live Aid to become active and to do something locally; rather than seeing the whole of the world’s problems as too overwhelming to do anything about, she joined Unicef and got involved in projects and fundraising.

Another group member talked about being inspired by ‘Time Bank‘, essentially an idea which promotes community and the sharing of many varied services by the members of that community by giving an hour of their time to provide a skill that they hold into a ‘bank’.  This could be things like dog walking, or gardening or plumbing.  This allows the community to serve one another and for each person to have a role and be a part of the community, increasing confidence and reducing isolation.

Friends and other group members are really inspiring to us, because we really see the step by step journeys of those close to us, we know the struggles and hardships that have been pushed through which took great courage, trust and a leap of faith. We see the growth and the strength and that inspires us to do likewise.

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