Laughter is good for you

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We have often discussed the benefits of laughter, and in this group people are able to find humour even in the darkest times. We had a focused session on humour this week, really just to feel uplifted, and to share humour with one another.  We started with a few jokes from the ‘really crap jokes’ book.  OK, that didn’t get too many laughs. With a nod to the day before being Valentines we looked at a few cheesy chat up lines overheard by bartenders.

We had a look at a couple of YouTube funnies and then shared personal humourous stories.

You only have to look at the vast amount of comedians who have suffered from depression to see the close link  between laughter and sadness. I’m sure we have heard the saying “If I didn’t laugh I would cry” which people can use while dealing with frustrations. You only have to look at people who have jobs like the emergency services where in between working with the public they can use the release of humour in order to deal with the emotional circumstances they are met with.

In conclusion, While appreciating the benefits that humour can undoubtedly bring, we are very aware that if you are feeling in a very low place it may not be so easy to engage with.   However for others, humour can provide good medicine for the soul.

To see how laughter is good for you on so many levels, click this link.

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