Do more of what makes you smile


Sometimes when in the middle of difficulties and life’s storms it can be helpful to remember the wee things that make you smile, and can actually change a moment or even your day.  A few people cited how nice it is when a random stranger smiles at you and can really brighten your day.  Dogs can make us smile and make us feel better, its very nice to be met by a waggy tail, and to see how dogs are naturally friendly to one another, or the way they cosy in with us, or how they are just so happy to chase a ball relentlessly all day long. Most people will connect to some kind of animal affectionately, whether that’s thinking a sloth is cute or funny or enjoying YouTube videos of kittens!

For some people getting outside and connecting with nature caused a smile, noticing flowers, birds and sunshine. And when back in the hubbub of people, overhearing snippets of conversation or seeing someone be kind to another makes us smile; or meeting up with and being able to chat to friends.  Children can be very humourous when they just say it as it is with no filter or have us play games and do things their way.  We watched the funny clip from the news last year when the children interrupted a live interview.

Sometimes doing something which feels like an achievement can feel very pleasing to us.  That can be getting through the door of ‘A Life Worth Living’ on days where it just feels really hard to do so, but the benefit of being with others and connecting makes people feel better and leave with a smile.  One person had pushed through a particularly hard time and had taken themselves on a trip and felt so much better for it.

Music and humour are other elements which make us smile…different comedy for different people, and as we certainly discovered last time, people definitely had different musical preferences.  The smiley music cited for this week was the sound of the sixties on Radio 2.

While we are going through tough times we may find it hard to raise a smile, but if we can,  it can act as a stepping stone to making you feel a bit better.


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