New start for 2018



It was nice to see everyone at the start of this new year and to hear all about how they got on over the holiday period. As some people struggle over this period we felt it right to use this space to hear peoples’ experiences.  As you can imagine people had mixed experiences over the Christmas period. For some, there was a sense of relief that the holidays were over for another year. While for others they have been left with a feeling of flatness at the start of the year.  We then looked at what members’ goals and hopes were for 2018.

  • Continue to have boundaries and stay strong
  • Continue to see chidren
  • Have a better diet
  • Be less isolated
  • Be less self-critical
  • Possibly volunteer
  • Create a structure into week
  • Continue getting well for me and my family
  • Be more open with people
  • Not discounting postives in my life
  • Not judging myself
  • Read less
  • Go on confidence course

This exercise seemed to help people give them a focus of what they would like to achieve in the year ahead.


2 thoughts on “New start for 2018

  1. As always I find the need for balance between more intense one to one counselling and group discussion and support such as here. Both, to me at least, necessary but whilst I can leave counselling feeling exposed, I always leave life worth living feeling more relaxed, lighter and hopeful. Never any pressure to contribute but always much genuine expressions of kindness from facilitators and all group members.

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