Do more of what makes you smile

Sometimes when in the middle of difficulties and life’s storms it can be helpful to remember the wee things that make you smile, and can actually change a moment or even your day.  A few people cited how nice it is when a random stranger smiles at you and can really brighten your day.  DogsContinue reading “Do more of what makes you smile”

How we listen to music

Chatting about what music means to us is a popular topic at various times in the group.  We did things a bit differently today and took the time to listen to three different songs. We used the time to be quiet and properly listen to the music, the lyrics, the tune, the harmony and theContinue reading “How we listen to music”

New start for 2018

  It was nice to see everyone at the start of this new year and to hear all about how they got on over the holiday period. As some people struggle over this period we felt it right to use this space to hear peoples’ experiences.  As you can imagine people had mixed experiences overContinue reading “New start for 2018”

Essential Nutrients Analysis

Below is a table which shows essential nutrients for better mental health and wellbeing. (Thanks to Steve Turnbull for providing this) Rank Food Score   Rank Food Score 1 Spinach 56 55 Oranges 14 2 Asparagus 51 56 Sunflower seeds 14 3 Swiss Chard 48 57 Turkey 14 4 Broccoli 44 58 Beans, black 13Continue reading “Essential Nutrients Analysis”