Last Group of 2017!

starry night

The group had a celebration for the end of the first year of ‘A Life Worth Living’ and the last group before Christmas.  It was lovely to have a good number of people to share in some fun, some snacks and the present game….everyone ended up with more or less what they wanted, with some gifts reflecting the political year, books on Brexit, books on Trump, some the fun, and the Toblerone, now with less chocolate!

We reflected on our year, both as a group and individually and its good to see what growth there has been, the challenges which have been overcome, the struggles which have been survived and supported and the new friendships created.  We are very thankful for this group of people and the encouragement which comes from meeting together, but also feeling supported and held even if we are absent for any reason.

The group covered many topics over the last year, not shying away from difficult and challenging conversations which ultimately helped people on their journeys and recovery, and we hope this was balanced with enough fun, music and relaxation!

We will be back in the New Year on Thursday 11th January 2018.

Jan and Feb3

One thought on “Last Group of 2017!

  1. It was a lovely way to end the year. It was recognised that the festive period can be challenging but it was a positive fun day which sent us all off with hope and laughter. Thanks. Pete.

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