How diet affects our mental health


We were delighted to welcome Steve Turnbull as our group guest. Steve talked about the many roles he performs including; life coaching, psychology and what most of today’s group focused on, the way diet affects mental health.

He has spoken at events throughout the UK, Europe and North America, whilst working alongside sports & business professionals, organisations, businesses and private individuals, helping them to work towards fulfilling their full potential.

We would like to say a big thank you to Steve for coming to the group today and how he left us all feeling inspired by the techniques he uses to help People look at their diets to achieve better mental health.

For further information on the many amazing ways Steve helps people please click








One thought on “How diet affects our mental health

  1. I hugely enjoyed and welcomed this presentation. Provoking, insightful and most of all funny enabling and rewarding. Felt privileged and valued to receive this advice, knowledge and support.

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