Fun and Games

This week the group had a go at the popular American game, Mad Libs.  You have a story with blanks to fill in, so once we had managed to collectively remember our grammar and figure out our adjectives from our adverbs we placed the words and had some good fun and laughs hearing how they turned out in the story.  A funny example is below demonstrated by Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon.

It was good to have a more relaxed week and do something fun, we can forget that good leisure time is as important for our wellbeing as much as having a routine and finding ways to tackle the difficult things that we face.  In fact if we can find ways to manage stress then this is very good for our health.  Before we played the game today, many in the group were talking about their current experiences of feeling very anxious, and the different ways that people pushed themselves through these feelings to do their day to day activities.  Although its hard to get out sometimes, everyone today said it had been fun, they had laughed, and felt better on leaving than they had on arriving.

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