Breaking Free From Unhelpful Beliefs



Our group today was an exercise looking at where our beliefs come from and how they affect our day to day lives, and explore whether those beliefs actually limit us from fully living life.  We thought back over our lives and thought about significant people and events which may have formed important beliefs which we may not even be aware we are holding.

We worked on a belief today that was creating a fear; the belief that making any changes may cause a relapse into illness, that by remaining in a comfort zone and not reaching out of it to be stretched or try new things was safer.

If this fear is believed as a fact, this creates a life which feels stuck with frustrated desires to maybe try new things not being realised.

We looked at trying to recognise the problem as actually being the fear rather than the belief, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt helpfully said:

                  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Founder of ‘Consulting Alliance’ a blogger called Jeff Miller comments further on Roosevelt’s words:

“The fear that we experience can be paralyzing and corrosive. It prevents us from reaching our full potential. It immobilizes us. It keeps us in our comfort zone. And it is entirely based on a story track looping inside our heads.”

“…Where do these beliefs come from? How long are we willing to hold onto them? What is the payback we’re getting from holding onto them? How much comfort do we really get from staying in our comfort zone? How can we reframe these thoughts? We need to be committed to asking the right questions. What questions are you asking yourself?”

So we concluded in our group discussion is that the first step is to deconstruct the fear, and move away from holding it as a fact.  Group members had found that talking through the events where the fears were rooted was a very helpful process but acknowledged that this took time and was difficult, however, eventually this process removed all the power from the fear so that it no longer had a limiting hold over their lives.


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