How to get out of being stuck

  Today’s group looked at feelings of being stuck.  Sadly, feeling stuck is quite a common theme for people. People may want to make a move from their current situation but feel that something holds them back from achieving this. Fear can play a big part in holding people back. Those who are frustrated withContinue reading “How to get out of being stuck”

The Impact of Mental Illness

At today’s group we looked at the different ways in which mental health can affect us. We looked at it from two different perspectives. Below are the group findings; 1.Someone who is struggling with poor mental health. I feel people don’t want to talk about problems especially ‘deep’ things I feel isolated There is aContinue reading “The Impact of Mental Illness”

Healthy Eating

We are hearing more and more about the connection between what we eat and how we feel, and a new emerging science on gut microbes being almost a second brain would explain that sometimes the food chemistry that we ingest does indeed influence brain chemistry far more than we had previously realised. Our eating patternsContinue reading “Healthy Eating”